My name is Kevin Farr, a.k.a Termite to anyone who has met me. I am a South GA country boy that has hunted and fished all of my life. I love everything about the outdoors, but turkey hunting is my absolute #1 passion!! I have always said that I love to deer hunt, shoot doves, and fish, but if I had to pick just one, it would be turkey hunting without a doubt!!

I went on my first turkey hunt when I was a teenager and that’s when the love affair began. My passion has lead me on turkey hunts around the country and into Mexico. I have been blessed to have killed Grand and Royal slams with a gun and I am currently working on completing both with my bow. Sharing hunts with my father, young daughter, and friends are an important part of my passion as well. Pecker Wrecker Calls are all designed, made, and finished by myself. I take great pride in the fact that they are very user friendly, realistic, and of the highest quality and consistency.

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